3 de outubro de 2009

Ninho de Poetas

Apreciem este pôr do sol em inglês que nos foi enviado pela Adriana:


Looking to the sky
I can see what you see,
A yellow sun in a blue home.
It shines like a star in one starlit night,
The clouds surrounded it
And it makes it wonderful,
Its rays are like an arrow on fire!
All this upon my face,
I can see it!I can feel it!
It 's warm and inviting...
My eyes are preys in this home!
The sky becomes bigger,
The clouds become rose,
And the sun is like an orange
In a fruit-basket of dreams.
Now, this is all behind me
Like hidding so many purity,
Even the sunflowers go down
Begging to their king to show itself!
I just thanks to God for letting me see
This perfection of the Nature,
And, with you,
This perfection becomes more perfect!

Adriana Pais 12ºE

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